Lace for Love is a bridal shop centered around kindness!

Newlyweds donate their worn-once wedding dresses to our shop. These gowns are cared for then sold at a discount by volunteers. The dresses provide brides with a thoughtful, budget friendly, timely, inclusive, eco-friendly option for purchasing their dream dress. The profits from these sales also help feed hungry families around New Jersey! 

The organization was started in 2020 by Paula Cerdas, Marta Brulinski, and Ashley Jensen. It is currently an entirely volunteer-run business. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status allows us to provide tax write-offs for the donated dresses. We are also raising funds to open a store, hopefully in mid-2021. Currently, we are partnering with Table to Table since their mission of rescuing perishable food aligns with our mission of saving dresses. 

The mission of Lace for Love is to say yes to kindness by saying yes to the dress!

We strive to:

  • To eliminate hunger and poverty within the community through sustainable funding
  • To provide a budget friendly option for all brides to purchase their dream dress
  • To allow a newlywed’s dress the chance to dance another day
  • To provide volunteers a unique and enjoyable opportunity 

Whether you would like to donate a dress, provide financial support, or volunteer, we greatly appreciate YOUR kindness! This organization couldn’t exist without caring people like you!  


Table to Table is a community-based food rescue program that collects perishable and prepared food. This food is then delivered to organizations throughout Northern New Jersey that serve the hungry.

In New Jersey alone there are nearly 1 million hungry people, including 1 in 7 children. Of the families being served, 4 out of every 10 need help because of coronavirus. This year, Table to Table has promised the delivery of more than 26 million meals. Table to Table can provide up to 10 meals for each dollar donated. That means that each dress purchased from Lace for Love could feed a family of 5 for months. 

Read more about Table to Table’s mission.

Our Team

Taylor Cerdas

Chief Operations Officer

Taylor has worked as a Technical Program Manager at Google for 5 years to help teams of people become their own best definition of success. He helps to keep things organized and on-track within the nonprofit, as well as ensure there is effective communication within the organization.

Marta Brulinski

Chief Marketing Officer

Marta has been working as a designer for the past four years for companies like CNBC and Anheuser-Busch, with a focus on below the line trade marketing design, strategy, and programming. She is helping Lace for Love by managing the branding, design, website, marketing, social media channels and other details of running a company.

Ashley Jenson

Chief Product Officer

Ashley has been working in the fashion industry for the past six years making designs for stores like Walmart and with some of the top runway models and celebrities! She uses her vast knowledge of fabrics, prints, and garment construction to help process and price dress donations. She also uses her amazing sense of style and knowledge of silhouettes to help brides find the perfect dress.

Kevin Handeli

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin has been a web developer/designer for the past three years, working for a small web design company based out of Clifton, NJ. He has worked on the Lace for Love website, making it modern and user friendly. Additionally, he interprets analytical data to help with online marketing.